_(Software Dependability Labo)_

Hi-tech Engineering Development

- Space system support software
- Production management software
- Image retrieval system

Secure Software Development Education and Consulting

- Consulting on secure software developemnt management
- Educational sefrvice on secure software development
- Educational sefrvice on CSSLP certification
- SSE-CMM assessment
- Consulting for ISMS implementation

Consuting on Software Process Improvement andStandardization

- Consulting based on ISO/IEC 29110(VSE), and SPINA3CH method
- Consulting on security management for Small Software Organization
- Consulting for oversea enterprises for the Japanese market
- Process assessment and improvement cunsulting based on ISO/IEC 15504(ISO/IEC 33K), SPEAK-IPA, and SPINA3CH method.
- Investigation on ISO/IEC standardization information for software development

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